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We had fun with the lyrics

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey, Eric Hudson, Priscilla Renea, Taylor Parks & Ilsey Juber
Produced by Mariah Carey & Eric Hudson


4:00     Album version
4:06     Why You Mad (Infinity Remix ft French Montana, Justin Bieber & T.I.)


  • “This song really means so much to me, and that’s because I think everybody can relate to it.  It’s about loving yourself first before anybody or anything else in the most positive way.”

    • Voice Message to Fans via Sony China, 2015

  • "Infinity is like love equals you first, the line, there's a section of the song where it's like a chant, it's like 'you're leaving, you're leaving you're out the door infinity loving me more and more', meaning you have to love yourself first, it can't be all about somebody else's thing or their issues it has to be you and then you can deal with the rest of the things in your life. Yeah, we had fun with the lyrics, but I do that with a lot of songs listen to 'Touch My Body', listen to 'Obsessed', we go back and forth with it.

  • What’s the story behind “Infinity” because I read all those rumblings today (about the Nick Cannon breakup)?

    You read all that, but you missed the Brett rumors, so that’s pretty amazing. No, the story behind "Infinity" is really about loving yourself first because "Infinity" loving me more and more, that's the motto really.

    It's about no matter what you go through, the ups and downs in life, you have to put yourself first and love yourself first and get through anything that way. That's the message.

    So you're drawing on you and your experiences with it?

    I've always put it on my experiences and me as a songwriter, you know what I mean? Even as we're making the song, you're promoting from a place, so if this song sounds like, a lot of people say I sound so free, it's really because it's just me releasing emotions.

    I do that for the fans so they can have this for themselves. It's not out of a selfish need to express one idea. That would be so small-minded. I didn't come this far by being that type of person. It's not who I am.

    But is it difficult to write a song about yourself and your feelings and your experiences?

    Don't you think all the great writers, did they write "Yesterday" and "Let It Be," were they not thinking about some sort of their feelings and emotions?

    I think a lot of people, as songwriters, you draw on your emotions, you also draw on thinking about what are other people going through and what’s going to help them come into listening to a song like "Infinity" and feel better about themselves.

    It’s fun to release, whether it's fun lyrics or other emotional moments. That's what it is.

    Is it cathartic to write about these things? Is it something you get off your chest and you feel better afterward?

    I've written 17 No. 1 songs, and while we're doing "#1 to Infinity," so it is cathartic to write songs whether they’re No. 1s or they're not No. 1s, whatever they are, and I’ve done a lot of that in my life.

    Some people don't know the album cuts, and those are the ones that are really deep about my experiences and me. And then the No. 1s tend to be broader, like this one, it's for everybody.

  • "I leave [the lyrics] open for the fans to interpret. People have to be able to interpret it for their own selves. Personally, this song is about loving yourself. You have to love yourself first… If you don't love yourself, and you're not in a good place with you, than how can you love or do anything else to the fullest? 

    The lyrics in question include biting lines such as, "Why you mad/Talkin' 'bout you're mad/Could it be that you just lost the best you've ever had?" And, "Why you tryin' to play like you're so grown?/Everything you own boy you still owe."

    Despite many fans' interpretations, the "All I Want For Christmas Is You" singer stressed that her music wasn't necessarily about one person or one thing.

    ”We could take [all my songs] and dissect them and say, 'Who did she write this for?' And, 'What was that about?' But really, there's no way to say who or what was written about," Mariah said. "I also collaborated with different people, so there's all different input and things that happen in the songwriting process. And that's the great thing about writing a song -- you can express yourself, and you can express a little bit of everybody's emotions.”

  • GK: The new single, "Infinity" closes the show -- is that a sense of the new direction?

    MC: I had just written it the night before we had our meeting. It was a perfect bookend and works perfectly with "Vision of Love." It's interesting to me.

    "Infinity" reminds me of a combination of "Touch My Body," "Obsessed," "We Belong Together" and "Vision of Love." I did it with Eric Hudson. He's a great young producer. Actually his parents wrote "Holiday" for Madonna. He's super talented. When he was creating the track, all of those strings are live. I thought we should give them drama and come back and end with [begins to sing] "Ooh ahh," because it's a chant. I wanted to give them sing-along, double time, because that's fun for me.

    Those moments are fun. It's like the burst of energy that you feel when you've been holding something in for so long and you're not able to release the energy through the music.

  • “Here I am, back at Sony Music, and we’ve come full circle. Sony was where I signed my first record deal when I was just a teenage girl, clutching my demo of many of the songs that are featured here now. “Infinity” felt like the right new song to add to my 18 original #1 hits. I went into the studio with some amazing collaborators and those sessions were literally the most fun experience I’ve had in years. And when I sang “Infinity,” I felt free. I thought it was a perfect bookend to “Vision of Love” and truly encapsulates my career. “Infinity” represents my infinite musical journey that has now brought me back home. I hope you like it… it feels really good to me :)”

    • #1 to Infinity liner notes, 2015

  • MC: Like another time, I was working with French [Montana] and I have this song called "Infinity." We weren't really even working. He was just in the studio and I was in there and then Justin Bieber came in. We just did this remix which was, 'Baby why you mad, go and tell me why you're mad? [Singing]' But we didn't get to release it because the label was like, 'We don't know,' you know what I mean? So, sometimes, it just happens. 

    Billboard: We should talk to labels about expediting the process so they can release that record. 

    MC: [Laughs] Yes. I would love to do that. Let's talk to them.




2015 Released on the #1 To Infinity compilation.

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