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I Want To Know What Love Is

I Want To Know What Love Is


Nick and I were talking… and the idea of doing this song just came up

Written by Mick Jones
Produced by Mariah Carey, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart & James “Big Jim” Wright
Co-Produced by Randy Jackson
Cover of “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner


3:27     Album Version
5:09     Live at The Palm Pearl Concert Theater
6:01     Chew Fu Club Mix
3:50     Chew Fu Radio Mix
3:37     Chriss Ortega Club Edit
6:03     Chriss Ortega Club Mix
6:42     Cutmore’s Club Shakedown
3:13     Cutmore’s Radio Shakedown
3:03     Donnie Hotwheel Tempo Mix
3:14     Low Sunday Tempo Mix
3:26     Moto Blanco Club Edit
6:51     Moto Blanco Club Mix
6:21     Moto Blanco Dub
7:43     Nu Addiction Club Mix
8:45     Nu Addiction “Love Is” Dub Mix
3:32     Nu Addiction Radio Edit
3:38     Radio Edit


Mariah Carey insists that her new album of heartbreak and betrayal, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, has nothing to do with her relationship with husband Nick Cannon. But she also maintains that her hubby does not deserve sole credit for her second single, a cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is," despite some rumored suggestions to the contrary.

"Nick says that he suggested it," Carey told MTV News, referring to comments she'd made in an earlier radio interview. "He says that it was his idea.”

Cannon was still a toddler when Foreigner's single dropped in 1984, while Carey was six short years away from releasing her self-titled debut album. The couple's 11-year age difference probably means they had differing first impressions of the '80s pop hit. And now it seems they definitely have conflicting recollections of how this newest version of the song came to be.

At most, Carey said, Cannon deserves only partial credit. "You know what it is?" she explained. "We're also friends, and so we talk about things. We talk about music, we talk about videos. There's nothing that we don't really have in common in a lot of ways. So yes, we did have a conversation about the Foreigner song, but I will not say that it was completely his idea. Sorry! I love you, Nick, but I'm not saying that!”

  • Q: You’ve done a cover of "I Wanna Know What Love Is". Don't you know what love is though?

    MC: One night Nick and I were talking about the album and the idea of doing this song just came up. For a very long time I didn't know what love was, but meeting my husband has opened a whole new world and understanding of the meaning of love.




2009 Released on the Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel album.

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