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The last song I wrote for this album

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey, Ernest Wilson, Mohamed Sulaiman, Luca Polizzi & Charles “Prince Charlez” Henshaw
Produced by Mariah Carey, No I.D., SLMN & Luca


3:16 Album Version



  • With hits such as Hero, Dreamlover and I Still Believe under her belt, Mariah says new album Caution, out on Friday, will tell fans not to put up with any rubbish from their lovers.

    ‘The funny thing is I didn’t call it Caution because I’m, like, “Ooh, I am being cautious.” It’s just because of a song called Proceed With Caution. It’s more of a wary love song,’ said Mariah, who was wed to record boss Tommy Mottola for five years in the ’90s, then Nick Cannon for seven years, whom she divorced in 2016.

    She added the song is about ‘telling someone to make sure they treat you right’.

  • Q: “Caution,” talk to me about that - why “Caution"?

    MC: It’s the name of one of the songs and it was the last song that I recorded for the album. I recorded it in the Bahamas - which was great! It had, like, it’s got like a, kinda like a Spanish guitar type of a feeling. I worked with No I.D., who’s a great producer. And, um, yeah, so it just sort of became like a favorite of mine, and I was like, “what about calling the album Caution?,” ‘cause it was, you know, fresh in my head when I turned in the album, it was the last thing I did, so we just did it! And we’ve done some fun things with like the caution tape…

    Q: Right I saw that! The emoji!

    MC: I love the pink caution emoji, yes!

  • Shaila Scott: Tell me why “Caution”? Why the name?

    MC: Why the title? Well there’s a song called, well it was called, “Proceed With Caution” and anyway we shortened it to “Caution.” I kinda wish I could recall everything and call it “Proceed With Caution” again so we had two different titles, but that’s ok. It’s a record that I did with No I.D. and I wrote it with Prince Charlez, who’s one of my favorite people to collaborate with. We also did the song, “With You,” I don’t know if heard that..

    SS: Yeah, we going to play that.

    MC: Yeah, so we wrote it. I recorded it in the Bahamas at this place called Albany, which is incredible. It’s a gorgeous studio - they got a hot tub in the studio, it’s on the beach…

    SS: What?!

    MC: Yeah. I think it’s like…

    SS: I’m not surprised though. That’s how you roll.

    MC: Well, it was the last song I recorded for the album and then I was like, there’s something… it’s just got like, kinda like an island, tropical, Spanish guitar type of a  vibe to it. So it became… We just listened to it in the car twice in a row. I just thought, you know, it was a cute little thing, “Caution.”

  • Suss: Let’s get to the album. 

    MC: Let’s get to the album. 

    Suss: Why did you call it “Caution”?

    MC: ‘Cause it was the last song I did.

    Suss: Who you looking for out here?

    MC: Ha ha ha. It’s a warning! It’s a warning!

    Suss: Who gotta watch their back for Mariah?

    MC: No really, it’s like, I don’t know if you heard that song, ‘cause it’s just brand new off the new album. Worked on it with No I.D. and it’s one of my favorites on the album, it really is. And it was the last song I recorded. Worked on it in the Bahamas. It was the only song I didn’t do in LA. And you gotta go to this studio, Albany Studios, it’s great.

    Suss: In the Bahamas?

    MC: Yes, they had a hot tub in the studio, everything, like beach, a little water park…

    By the way, I’m like their best promotional vehicle right now, so I assume next time I go, It’ll be for free.

    Suss: I hope they cut you a check for this.

    MC: Exactly, they need to cut me in. She’s [her manager] shaking her head like “Don’t keep talking about this.” But it’s true, it’s an amazing place. So it was the last record I did for the album and I was like, “I like this.” We were calling it “Proceed With Caution” and then just shortened it to “Caution.” I like all the way we can do the creative stuff with the caution tape . 

    Suss: Artwork is phenomenal, everything is great.

    MC; Thank you, thank you.

    Suss: Um but…

    MC: But we need to get somebody on that record, I really feel like that deserves a feature. I don’t know who it is, but it should…

    Suss: I need to do a remix for this album.

    MC: Let’s do that one, I want to play it for you, let’s do that one.

    Suss: Alright, let’s do that one.

    MC: Or “A No No,” since you were the first…

    Suss: I’m gonna execute that, but I want to do an official remix with a different beat. We’re gonna talk.

    MC: Yes yes yes, behind the scenes.

  • Caution‘s title track got started in the home studio of Luca Polizzi in Canada. “I wanted to do something a little different [than the rap tracks I usually make], so I aimed for something Latin with flamenco guitars,” he says. “It felt like it had the palette to be a pop song — the chords would allow someone to sing on it — or it could have had someone rapping. SLMN [a co-producer] happened to come by the house; I said, ‘Hey man, I got this loop, are you interested in messing with it?'” SLMN added percussion and brought the song to No I.D., a veteran producer for Jay-Z, Nas and many more, who helped pass the track to Carey. “From my understanding it was the final cut [added] at the 11th hour,” Polizzi adds. “The album was originally going to be called Proceed With Caution.”

  • Ryan: We’re back with Mariah Carey, who’s new album is called “Caution.” So, give us a little background on why you decided to name it “Caution.”

    MC: Well, it was going to be called “Portrait” originally, which is another song from the album that’s more of like an introspective - it’s a really good song that I’m very proud of, and kind of like a very sad song, in a way, but it’s also one of those songs that will like help other people going through stuff, or whatever. I try to do that on, you know, various albums that I’ve had. But then I was like, you know, “It’s not fully representative of the whole album.” So the last song that I recorded in the Bahamas

    in the gorgeous studio called Albany with a hot tub and all this other kinda stuff, I highly recommend it. Anyway…

    Kelly: When we record our album, that’s where we’ll go.

    MC: When you guys, definitely go there, yes.

    Ryan: I’ll eat the water.

    MC: So I recorded this song there and it kinda had a tropical vibe to it, it’s got like a Spanish guitar, kinda, I did it with No I.D. and cowrote it with my friend Prince Charlez - it’s one of my favorites off the album. It was, “proceed with caution” is kinda like the message, so I just thought “Caution” was a cute name. We got creative with the caution tape and a lot of the fans had the caution tape and were like posting stuff with that, it was cute.


2018.11.16 Released on the Caution album.


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