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Stay Long Love You

Stay Long Love You


Had such a fun session… coming up with this one. It's a feel good record!

Written by Mariah Carey, Sergio Kitchens, Jonathan Yip, Ray Romulus, Jeremy Reeves & Ray Charles McCullough II
Produced by Mariah Carey & The Stereotypes


3:02 Album Version featuring Gunna


  • The Stereotypes’ Jonathan Yip started “Stay Long Love You” in the same manner. “Charm and Ray were working on the track [in Michael Jackson’s favorite room in Westlake Studios], she gave me the mic, I’m holding it in the middle of the room, and we just start to sing some melodies,” he remembers. “It’s just me and her coming up with concepts. I’m thinking, ‘am I really looking up at Mariah Carey and singing right now?’”

  • Host 1: Your guest appearances, what’s been the biggest one for you that was amazing? Like, damn, I can’t believe I'm on a song with…
    Gunna: Uh, Mariah, that was a lot. Usher…
    Host 1: Did you call your mom right away, like, ‘Yo, Mariah got me on this joint’?
    Host 2: How did the Mariah thing happen?
    G: I think I did say that when I called home. 
    H1: That’s the first person you gotta call.
    G: She couldn’t believe it! Like, ‘Mariah? What? Wait a sec, I wanna hear!’ I’m like, ‘It’s gonna come out!’
    H1: Were y’all in the studio together?
    H2: Yeah, I was gonna say, how did that happen?
    G: No, I still haven’t even met her.
    H1: She live right across the street from here.
    H2: You don’t tell everybody where she live.
    G: That’s crazy.
    H1: Everybody know she lives here.
    H2: No, they don’t know she lives across the street.
    H1: Yes they do! She lives right across the street
    G: I didn’t know that.
    H2: She lives across the street. We’ll take you over there, knock on her door, see if she have on a robe that says, ‘Dahhhling’
    G: Nah, but she sent me the song, she sent me the song. She had her assistant bring me the song.
    H2: Did Nick Cannon send you the song?
    G: Nah. It was some…
    H1: Nick Cannon is not her assistant you jerk.
    H2: It was a joke man... It was a joke. Shout out to Nick.
    G: Yeah, I was in LA and then…. I couldn’t believe it, he played the song, but they didn’t, he didn’t give me the song, he just gave me the beat, just gave me the reference, ’cause she wanted [ed. indiscernable] She had like little cadences, and little vibes and I just knew where she was going with it.


2018.11.16 Released on the Caution album.


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