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Underneath The Stars

Underneath The Stars


It was my idea to have a '70s type, Minnie Riperton era vibe

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey
Produced by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff


3:33     Album Version
4:01     Drifting Remix featuring Trackmasters UNRELEASED/LEAKED


  • “There's a song called "Underneath The Stars" which we did and it was my idea to have a '70s type, Minnie Riperton era vibe. I wanted it to sound authentic so got a real Fender Rhodes type sound. I just think we stretched in a lot of ways. In the past, just because of time we would write the song, music and melody together and I'll sing a bunch of different melodies over it and he'd [Walter A] go home and I'd write the lyrics and he'd work on the track. This time we worked together for the most part on every song we did from the inception of the idea to the completion of the track - except when I do my vocals which I do alone." 

    • Blues & Soul (UK) “Daydream Believer” by Jeff Lorez, October 24, 1995

  • “…The singles that I always love, like 'Underneath The Stars' and 'Melt Away' — singles that Brat will call me up and be like, 'Yo, you gotta make them release 'Underneath The Stars,' that's my shit!' — and no-one wanted to because they're like 'it's a passive R&B record, it doesn't mean anything,' and it just seemed like I was very mouldable. So they'd choose to put out like, another ballad, and the thing about me is that they know that I can write those other kinds of ballads.”

    • Trace (UK) “Stuck Off The Realness?” by Eddie Brennan, June 1998

  • “’Underneath The Stars’ on Daydream is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.”

    • VIBE Magazine, Danyel Smith, November 1998

  • MTV: You've got Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits coming out. Just a couple years ago you had the #1's album. What are the differences between them?

    Mariah: The #1's record only had #1 [hits] on it. Therefore I wouldn't let them call it a greatest-hits [album], and I made a huge deal out of it. I think people are going to like Greatest Hits, because there are songs on it that were not necessarily singles. Songs that, if you're a fan, you know them, but if you're someone that's maybe a fan — not a fan that buys every record or that knows every album cut, but they know just the big hits — these are songs that need to be really heard. I'm happy about it. There's a song "Vanishing" that's on the record that I really love, and there's a song called "Underneath the Stars" that I always kind of fought for and was like, "How could you not put this song out?" There's a lot of songs that I'm happy are going to see the light of day this way. I would have added a few extra, different ones, but I'm not always in charge.

    MTV: What are your personal favorites on this one?

    Mariah: I always loved "Fantasy" and "One Sweet Day" and those are songs on this that weren't on #1's. "Heartbreaker" was not on #1's, and it's on this. "Thank God I Found You" as well. And I love that song "Underneath the Stars." It's something very different. I was so distraught that was never released, 'cause people always have these criticisms: "Oh, she always does these big ballads, she never does these different, quirkier styles of records." It's like, "Then let them release some of the songs that are like that." People will buy these records, and if they like them, maybe they'll go back and listen to the records that they came from and see some of the things that are a little bit different than [what] I'm traditionally known for.

  • Q: Is there a song from one of your previous albums that you most embrace?

    MC: There are the songs that were the hits that I love and there were some songs that were never released that many people may not necessarily know like "Underneath The Stars", "Crybaby" (with Snoop), "The Roof" from the Butterfly album, "Babydoll" was another favorite, "Vanishing" from my first album is one that I still love. It's hard to narrow it down because they all represent something different for me - the more personal ones represent a certain era in my life and the fun songs represent, well, you know... fun!



1995 Released on the Daydream album.
2001 Included on the Greatest Hits compilation.
2010 Included on the Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey compilation.


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