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[It had a] haunting kind of a sound and I would have loved it on the first album

- Mariah Carey


  • Rob Markman: In 2015, you know, Mariah, you teased us.

    MC: With what?

    RM: You sent a tweet in 2015 about listening to your demo, “Now playing ‘Hypnotized’” 

    MC: And now I don’t know where it is, I gotta find it again, but that song was the best song on that demo, that and ‘Vision of Love’ were my favorites song on the demo. And umm, I don’t know where it is now! And they were like, the label was like, “It’s too r&b,” and now I realize why, because it was kinda like a sparse record with just chords and like, I liked the beat. And it was a pretty melody, kinda of like a minor, umm like, haunting kind of a sound and I would have loved it on the first album, but they didn’t want to do it so…

    RM: So you don’t know where it is, ‘cause you had it in 2015… What I’m getting it as… why can’t we play it too?

    MC: It’s been a rocky road for those three years, so I’m pretty sure someone swiped that demo. But, ummm I don’t know, I don’t know… we’ll find it. Actually it would have been a great idea to redo that song or just put the demo out for this album. We’ll find it.

    • Genius “Genius Level Mariah Carey”, with Rob Markman, November 14, 2018


1988 Included on the demo tape. Remains unreleased.

8th Grade

8th Grade

Never Too Far

Never Too Far