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I think we need to do something special with it

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, Terius “The-Dream” Nash, Robert Hyman & Cyndi Lauper
Produced by Mariah Carey, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart & Terius “The-Dream” Nash
Samples “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper


3:34     Album Version
3:17     Angels Advocate Remix featuring Trey Songz LEAKED
5:30     Jump Smokers Remix LEAKED


  • If Carey's attitude has sharpened, her vocal style is as it always was, compulsively dancing around the note, springboarding with no warning to the "whistle register", which only bats can really hear. It must be hard, with that range at her disposal, to resist showing off. She looks wary. 

    MARIAH CAREY: ”Right…?"

    Did she have to work hard on the new album to keep a lid on it?

    MC: ”I don't know if I did keep a lid on it. Do you think I went over the top?”

    No. Maybe. A little bit. There was one song where she did suddenly leap up about five octaves.

    MC: ”I Want To Know What Love Is?" (The album closes with a great cover of the Foreigner classic).


    MC: ”Oh, it was Inseparable. Well, it's just a moment and it stops and goes into a higher register. It's just one little riff. I listen to it and go – did I go over the top? Maybe. I do a lot of background vocals in the upper register. I've always done that. Even back to Dreamlover." She sings a few bars. "Two octaves higher, but buried. You get people's attention." It's what the fans want to hear, she says, pyrotechnics. She'd be happy to tone it down.

  • Q: Now, how was working with Mariah? Is she the biggest diva you work with?

    Trey Songz: This is actually the second time we worked together…

    MC: Exactly! I’m sorry…

    TS: It’s amazing.

    MC: They never released that single! Trey, that was very upsetting to me, because it leaked on the internet, but I really want to release that song, “Inseparable,” and we didn’t get a chance to really, like know one knows about it, so I think we need to do something special with it, what do you say?

    TS: Oh my god, you see when she talks to you like that, you just gotta say “yeah,” right? I ain’t even really here the question…


2009 Released on the Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel album.



Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want For Christmas Is You