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One Child
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[One Child] is, just very kinda religious - a real traditional.

- Marc Shaiman

Written by Mariah Carey & Marc Shaiman
Produced by Mariah Carey & Marc Shaiman


4:25     Album Version


  • MC: I’ve been working with Marc Shaiman, as well, and that was sort of a really big… I think Randy was really, really excited for us to get together… It was just this bizarre coincidence too, because the night before we worked together I was watching An American President, which Marc did the scoring for. And the next day, it was like I realized that Marc had done that music and we were getting together to write together, and we really clicked immediately, it was like one of those things where we really worked well together.

    Working with such a talented person, um, just in terms of like him being able to illustrate on the piano what I’m hearing in my mind has been an incredible process ‘cause we’re just so on the same page. So now he’s going to do the orchestrations for basically all the songs. We’ve got these two original songs that we wrote together. One was an idea that I brought to him [One Child] and one we kinda sat down and said, ‘hey, let’s do something that maybe could kinda be, like, from the fifties, but it’s now.’ [Christmas Time Is In The Air Again]

    • Merry Christmas II You DVD, 2010

  • Marc Shaiman: People have been asking me, ‘What’s it like to work with her?’ And I said, ‘She’s just like if music took on a human form. If music had legs and arms, that would be her. I mean, I’m really, really, really excited as a songwriter, I’m excited and the fact that I’m writing with Mariah Carey and then I get to hear her sing? I mean just writing with her is thrilling because you’re getting to hear her sing the whole time.

    We wrote one song in the style of something that might be on a Nat King Cole Christmas album [Christmas Time Is In The Air Again] and the other one [One Child] is, uh, just very kinda religious - a real traditional. Uh, and as a Jew, it’s very exciting, because I said to Mariah, nothing says Christmas more than a bunch of Jews in a recording studio in the summer.

    Well, it’s really hard to write Christmas songs because, I mean, they’ve all been written - what more can you say? You know, so we had to keep trying to find, lyrically, what something, maybe, a little new, or just a new way to put it together.

    • Merry Christmas II You DVD, 2010



2010 Released on the Merry Christmas II You album.

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Christmas Time Is In The Air Again

Christmas Time Is In The Air Again

When Christmas Comes

When Christmas Comes