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When Christmas Comes

When Christmas Comes


This song is something that I feel in my heart

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey & James Poyser
Produced by Mariah Carey & James Poyser


4:46     Album Version
4:46     Single Mix ft John Legend


  • I also worked with, um, a producer who I really love named James Poyser who I worked, I wrote a song called “Mine Again” on the Mimi album with, and a lot of my fans really like that song. Working with James is always a good experience ‘cause I just think he’s a very talented songwriter and we work well back and forth. 

    • Merry Christmas II You HSN DVD, 2010

  • The Sanaa Hamri-directed clip, which was filmed at Mariah and Nick’s Beverly Hills home, features footage from “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Mimi frolicks in the snow and cooks up a holiday meal for her guests, while her adorable twins Monroe and Moroccan, dogs, and Santa Claus suit-wearing husband all join the festivities.  “I wanted this to be the most fun, family Christmas,” explained Mariah. “It’s like a soulful family Christmas song and yet I wanted to add all the elements of anything magical that could happen at Christmas.”

    MC: Merry Christmas, let’s start with that!

    AJ: It’s a very festive mood in the house.

    MC: So festive!

    AJ: Right?

    MC: Yes, it is.

    AJ: Alright, tell me about this video and how, and what is happening, what’s taking place today?

    MC: What’s taking place today is something I’m very excited about. First of all, you’re here, this is like our reunion of video making

    ‘cause I believe you were in a shot with myself - were you not in a shot with me and John?

    AJ: I was in a shot with you and John.

    MC: So what’s taking place is my video with John Legend, “When Christmas Comes,” which is going to come out this year at Christmas.

    AJ: I like it, it just sounded very nice. How did the collaboration…

    MC: That’s all you can say about the song? You know that song is hot!

    AJ: It is beautiful, it is a hot song!

    MC: For Christmas? To me? No, to me, it’s like an r&b classic with him on it. He really sounds great on the song, he was playin' and singin’.

    It was a rare video moment because we were having out own, you know, moments at the end. He was playing and we were all singing and I thought it was nice. I liked it. I did, I liked it!

    AJ: How did the collaboration come about?

    MC: Well I wanted to… I wrote this song last year with James Poyser of The Roots, that’s his group. And I was thinking well maybe I should call John Legend to see if he’s available to collabo on it, but I didn’t do it ‘cause we just, I don’t know, things happen, and this year I called and then we did it. Because I was also doing the Justin Bieber duet, I was like, oh this will be cool because I want to do a deluxe thing with my Christmas album. I have two Christmas albums and I love Christmas.

    I think John Legend swung it home, and I think the fact that the babies are in the video is great. Because I wrote, I wrote a line in the song that says, “we gon’ laugh together as the children play,” and it was cute ‘cause I was pregnant when I sang it and then dem babies are here now!

  • When Christmas Comes, the duet that I did with John Legend, so much fun - we had the best time. It’s a song I wrote for Merry Christmas || You. I was just like, John is the perfect person to do this, I hope he likes the song, I hope he chooses to do it. The original version of the song is just me. To hear his voice and his choices that he made, I feel like he really took it up several notches in terms of the soulfulness and even from different recordings I’ve heard of his, I told him, ‘I love this vocal performance of yours, not just ‘cause it’s my song’, but because I just love what he gave to the song, I feel like he gave so much of himself to the song. It’s nice to be able to have the holidays where you’re in this festive environment, taking it all in, so that’s what Christmas time always reminds me of, and I think there’s a little bit of the essence of that in the video. In the video, basically, yes I was baking my pecan pie, which is Nick’s favorite (which I never ate until I started cooking for Nick) and I just figured out how to make it and it was still good, so the next day we had a little feast with that. But when you see us baking that pie in the video remember what I told you - it was good. Writing songs has been something I’ve loved since I was little. The way you know it’s right is just when it’s right - when you hear it and you go, “this song is something that I feel in my heart and I feel like other people are going to relate to it. It was interesting [with] When Christmas Comes because John actually said to me ‘I love it and I feel like my family would love it and this is something that I think we’re going to do a great job on.’ He really did so much pretty stuff on there and I added some different things towards the end and stuff, so you know, it’s one of those things you just never know what you’re doing to get. I’ll write with anybody who can sit down and play a few notes, it doesn’t matter to me.”




2010 Released on Merry Christmas || You.
2011 Released as a single & duet with John Legend.

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