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To The Floor

To The Floor


It was probably like it was in the old days - like in the Motown era...

Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey, Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo & Cornell Haynes
Produced by The Neptunes


3:27     Album Version featuring Nelly


  • "To The Floor" is a song that features Nelly. I was working with The Neptunes. Snoop was in one room. Nelly was in the other room. Nelly came in at one point and Pharrell was like, "You guys should be on this record together". He had this really hot beat and I was like, "Wow, that would be incredible" and we all wrote the song together. I'm a fan of The Neptunes and obviously I'm a fan of Nelly's. I just wanted a club track, but I think it's a little bit more unique than your average club record because I think the combination of us dueting, without making it-- I wasn't trying to oversing or anything like that with him as a duet because it's more about the vibe of the track. That's lot of people's favorite song off the album as well.

  • “I did a song, another song that we wrote together, the Neptunes and I, and Nelly, called To the Floor, which was just like - Nelly was there in that studio at the same time, and he was in another room and Pharell was like “You and Nelly should do this joint together, blah blah blah,” and I was like ‘Definitely!’ and then he came in and we started writing together and it was really nice to see him as a writer, you know what I mean, as a collaborative partner, because he really impressed me in a next level way cause he’s really, really talented - not that I didn’t know that , but it’s just always interesting when you sit with the artist and you’re there and you guys are working together and hes just really talented and we did this record together that I really like.”

    • SOURCE: Ask Mariah

  • “In L.A., Snoop, Nelly, Pharrell WIlliams and she were all in the studio together. That in itself was a radical departure for Carey, who usually demands to be alone in the room when she sings. “So it was all of us hanging out, and it was really fun. It was probably like it was in the old days - like in the Motown era, you know what I mean?”

    • SOURCE: Blender March 2005 “The Secret Life of Mariah Carey” by William Shaw

  • Q: You worked with Nelly on To The Floor. How did this pairing happen? MC: Yet again, the same time I was working with Snoop, Nelly was in another room in the same studio, so it was like everyone was at the studio. Pharrell said “I think this is a song you should do with Nelly,” So Nelly came in and we worked on the concept together, we wrote the song together, all of us, and it’s called To The Floor and that was just by accident he started going “to the floor” on the microphone and I was like “you’ve got to go to the mic and put that on the song,” so it was very cute. I really liked working with him - he’s very creative, he comes up with a lot of great melodies - it’s a different approach that he has to writing, so I enjoyed working with him. He’s a nice guy as well.

    • SOURCE: NRG Radio France Interview, 2005


2005 Released on The Emancipation of Mimi

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