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Whenever You Call

Whenever You Call


The ballads that I do with Walter definitely require more focus when singing...

Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff
Produced by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff


4:22     Album Version
4:23     Duet with Brian McKnight


  • The ballads that I do with Walter definitely require more focus when singing, than the uptempo stuff. Songs like "Whenever You Call (from Butterfly).

    • Blues & Soul (UK) Issue: September 23, 1997 “Butterfly kisses… or in bed with Mariah!” by Jeff Lorez

  • It's more of the tradition style of ballad, like "Hero". I do so many different kinds of tracks on this album but I think it's good because I've maintained true to myself in terms of doing ballads, but still being able to do the collaborations like with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

  • "It was amazing to go into the studio with someone who's so successful," McKnight told the MTV Radio Network, "and has that kind of track record. Mariah is someone who could ask anyone in the world to sing with her, and they called me. The album contains a duet with Whitney Houston and a duet with me, so it's just been great company to be in."

  • “I chose the bonus tracks for various reasons… ‘Whenever You Call' with Brian McKnight - I feel that it was one of the best songs on the Butterfly album and Brian’s vocals made it so beautiful.

    • #1s Liner Notes, 1998

  • [Brian McKnight] the 42-year-old singer recalled recording fan favourite 1997 hit "Whenever You Call" with Carey saying: "We didn't really work together that's, the thing." The singer laughed: "She trusted me enough to go in the studio on a track on which she had sung all of her parts... I just matched what she did, she wasn't even really there." Asked about whether the two will work together again, the "Fall 5.0" star replied: "I'm not sure if I will be working with her again, that's up to her." McKnight then added: "Mariah is an amazing talent... a little crazy, but you can't fault anybody for that!”

    • TaleTela “Brian McKnight brands Mariah Carey ‘crazy’” December 19, 2011




1997 Released on the Butterfly album.
1998 Released as a duet with Brian McKnight on the #1s compilation.



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