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It is probably one of the best hooks[ever]...

Jimmy Jam

Written by Mariah Carey, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis & James “Big Jim” Wright
Produced by Mariah Carey, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis & James “Big Jim” Wright


5:07     Album Version
0:00     Remix featuring Justin Timberlake UNRELEASED


  • ”Justin and I did a song together called 'Yours,' which is probably going to be on the remix of that song," she said. "He did an amazing job on the vocals and I was happy with what he did. It's sort of a romantic, mid tempo R&B record that Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and I wrote together." - MTV NEWS 11/19/2002 Shaheem Reid
  • Mariah Carey has been Justified. Justin Timberlake has joined Jay-Z and Cam'ron on the list of artists lending a hand as Carey prepares her new album. Timberlake added verses and harmonies to Carey's mid-tempo Yours last week, and while it's still pending the heartbreaker's approval, the song's seasoned producers already smell a hit. "If I were to compare it to something we have done with her in the past, it would be 'Thank God I Found You,' but I think 'Yours' blows it away," said Jimmy Jam, who produced the track with partner Terry Lewis. "It is probably one of the best hooks [ever]. I have a 6-year-old, and the first time he heard it, the third time the hook came around, he already knew it."  Carey has already approved a version of 'Yours' without Timberlake for her as-yet-untitled album, due December 10, but she's flying to Jam and Lewis' Minneapolis studio on Tuesday (October 15) to hear the just-mixed duet and decide if it's better. Jam is convinced she will.  "At the end she did a series of ad libs, and he totally did them exactly with her but an octave below her," he explained. "They were kind of intricate, ... but he totally matched everything. He's mega-talented, and to have them both on the same track is special." - MTV News Oct 15/2002 “TIMBERLAKE, JAY-Z, CAM'RON CONTRIBUTE TO MARIAH CAREY LP” Corey Moss
  • Mariah originally recorded Yours by herself. Randy Jackson (Mariah’s longtime musical director and producer) had played bass guitar on NSYNC’s “Gone” and called in Justin to lay down vocals and harmonies for the track. By the time Mariah’s album was ready to be released, the duet version hadn’t been finalized or legally approved. Apparently, Justin’s record label never gave permission for it to be officially released and reports suggest that it is their decision. Reflecting on the duet, Mariah said, “[Justin] did an amazing job on the vocals and I was happy with what he did.” - MariahDaily 11/2003



2003 Released on the Charmbracelet album

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One Sweet Day

One Sweet Day