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Sent From Up Above

Sent From Up Above


My favorite songs were songs that never got any light…

Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey & Rhett Lawrence
Produced by Rhett Lawrence


4:05     Album Version


  • “My favorite songs were songs that never got any light… on the first album there’s ‘Sent From up Above” that was very R&B and that was never released.” - VIBE Magazine, November 1998 – Danyel Smith

  • Songs like “Sent From Up Above” that was, that was much more urban - that could have been a single. I mean, it could have been a single, it wouldn't probably have done very well [on] pop, but it would’ve been a probably, decently pretty big urban single or songs that didn’t even get to my first album because I was told they were too “urban.”Interview with Craig Seymour, 1999


1990 Released on the Mariah Carey album

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Without You

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