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There's Got To Be A Way

There's Got To Be A Way


I heard someone singing all the high, top notes with me and I'm like, "Who is that?"

Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey (music & lyrics) & Ric Wake (music)
Produced by Ric Wake & Narada Michael Walden


4:52     Album Version
8:21     12” Remix
4:50     7” Remix
6:44     Alt. Vocal Dub Mix
6:06     Sample Dub Mix
7:09     Vocal Dub Mix


  • "I met Trey [Lorenz] in February 1990," says Carey, "when I was working on my first album. I was recording a song called "There's Got To Be A Way," and one of the backup singers was friends with Trey and had brought him down to the studio for the session. I heard someone singing all the high, top notes with me and I'm like, "Who is that?" I turned around and it was Trey. 

    "It all happened just like she said!" exclaims the genial Lorenz, whose hectic discourse can rival the vivacity of his best serenades. "I just happened to be in the room when Mariah was doing "There's Got To Be A Way," and, you know, when you're in the studio so long, you get bored. I was singing along with the guys, just going along with the song, and that's when she heard me. At that point, I was in my junior year at Farleigh Dickinson University, majoring in advertising, and I had been in a group that had quickly disbanded called" -- he whimpers -- "Squeak & the Deep -- but we were only together for a minute!" - 1992 MUSIC TO MY EARS - TREY LORENZ: THE VISION BEHIND THE VOICE by Timothy White



1991 Released on the Mariah Carey album



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