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I Still Believe

I Still Believe


This is the first song that I sang as a professional singer

Mariah Carey

Written by Antonia Armato & Giuseppe Cantarelli
Produced by Mariah Carey, Steven “Stevie J” Jordan & Mike Mason
Cover of Brenda K. Starr


3:54     Album Version
3:51     Morales Classic Club Mix Edit
9:06     Morales Classic Club Mix
5:05     Stevie J. Clean Remix featuring Mocha & Amil
10:55    The Eve Of Souls Mix
8:04     The Kings Mix
4:32     I Still Believe/Pure Imagination (Damizza Reemix Acapella featuring Da Brat & Krayzie Bone)
4:09     I Still Believe/Pure Imagination (Damizza Reemix Edt featuring Krayzie Bone)
4:33     I Still Believe/Pure Imagination (Damizza Reemix featuring Da Brat & Krayzie Bone)


  • “I chose the bonus tracks for various reasons… ‘I Still Believe’ reminds me of the fact that not so long ago I was a teenage girl with nothing to my name but a demo tape, my voice and my ability to write songs. Brenda K. Starr treated me like a ‘star’ and gave me a shot as a back-up singer. This remake is my tribute to her.”

    • #1s Liner Notes, 1998

  • MC: Can I tell you a quick thing about this song? I used to be a backup singer for the girl who sang this originally, her name is Brenda K. Starr when I was like eighteen years old and I was a back up singer for her. This was her song, so this was like my tribute to her - she really helped me get started.

  • Entertainment Tonight: This song has been described as a tribute to [singer] BRENDA STARR. Can you tell me why that is and what this song means to you?
    Mariah Carey: I'm really glad that I got a chance to remake the song "I Still Believe," because the album is called "#1's" and this is the first song that I sang as a professional singer. I would go on the road with Brenda. I was a little skinny kid with no money that she took under her wing and she was so nice to me. I auditioned to be her back-up singer and she hired me and she used to bring me clothes and food, and she really took care of me like a big sister. A lot of people wouldn't have done that. The main thing was that she believed in me and it's really hard to get people to listen to your tapes. First off, if they're the star, they are like, "I don't have time for such things." She was always real cool and helpful and supportive. I always loved this song. When I sing it now, it reminds me of those times. She's doing salsa music now. She's been very successful in Latin America and we're going to work on some songs together for her English speaking album. We're going to co-write some songs and she's on my UPN special.
    ET: I heard that she was originally going to be on the album.
    Mariah: Actually, it was because we had to cut the time down. I couldn't leave in all my favorite things, but she and I are on the UPN special that is going to be on December 15. She's telling stories about when we were on the road someplace in California and there would be a bathing suit that I would really like. She'd say," Why don't you buy it?" And I'd say, "I have to pay my rent and I have to buy cat food." For some reason, my cats were this huge priority and they weren't even my cats. My brother dumped them at my house. But I'm an animal lover, so I had to save up to buy those Kibbles and Bits or whatever.
    ET: She must feel a tremendous sense of pride to be a apart of this.
    Mariah: It was great because we hadn't seen each other that much since I put out my first album. I haven't had a break at all. You lose touch with a lot of people and so this was really good that this happened.
    ET: Tell me about the concert for the video with the troops.
    Mariah: BRETT RATNER ('Rush Hour') is directing the video and he's a good friend of mine and he's also doing some great work right now. He had a lot of success with 'Rush Hour.' We were talking and I wanted it to be a live performance and we just started going back and forth and I was saying how a lot of people in the service had written me letters and talked about various songs. "Hero" being one of them. I remember when I put my first album out, people would write who were stationed overseas. It was in the winter of 1990, which was around the time of the Gulf War, so a lot of people were writing about listening to the album. I always used to watch old footage of performers going overseas, from BOB HOPE to MARILYN MONROE singing for people in the service. I thought this would be a nice thing to do. So, we're doing the video but I'm going to do some more songs if I have it in me.

    • Entertainment Tonight, December 15, 1998




1999 Released on the #1s compilation. 
2001 Included on the Greatest Hits compilation.
2009 Included on the The Ballads/Love Songs compilation.
2011 Included on The Essential Mariah Carey compilation.




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