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Boy (I Need You)

Boy (I Need You)


She was very hands on... almost [like] working with a rapper

- Just Blaze

Written by Mariah Carey, Justin “Just Blaze” Smith, Norman Whitfield & Cameron “Cam’ron” Giles
Produced by Mariah Carey & Justin “Just Blaze” Smith
Samples “I’m Going Down” by Rose Royce


5:15     Album Version featuring Cam'ron
4:38     Copenhaniacs Remix
4:22     DJ Vice Remix
4:16     Panjabi Hit Squad Mix
4:05     Remix by The Duke & MVP from Disco Montego
4:02     Street Remix Radio Edit featuring Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Jimmy Jones & Freeway
3:17     The Orangefuzz Remix
3:17     Without Rap


  • "I redid Cam'ron's 'Oh Boy' for the record, and Cam'ron came out to Capri and did his rhyme out there. It's definitely one of my favorites, 'cause I love the original. It was cool to have him out there doing his thing in such a random environment. - MTV NEWS 11/19/2002 Shaheem Reid

  • ”Boy” was one of the brighter gems off MC's 2002 set Charmbracelet. Infused with the Dipset flavor (thanks to the Just Blaze-produced original "Oh Boy" -- billed to Cam'ron featuring Juelz Santana), Carey soundtracked just about every schoolgirl's crush with lines like, "I'm gonna wrap you up inside my love and never let you go, boy." It was only right Killa Cam would return to rep for Harlem with a verse on the "Oh Boy" spin-off.

    Just Blaze: I got the call out of the blue. I had never met Mariah before that but one day, [her team was] saying that she wanted me. So we went over to MSR Studios [formerly known as Right Track Studio] over on 48th Street [in New York], and she was in the lounge just kicking it. We just started chopping it up, and she said she was interested in doing a couple of records. Then she mentioned that she loved [Cam'ron's] “Oh Boy,” and was interested in the idea of re-doing it -- in putting her own twist on it. [“Oh Boy”] was one of the biggest records in the rap world at the time so it was kind of a no-brainer -- her doing a comeback album, me with this record. It just kind of made sense.

    Obviously, the track was already constructed so I went back in, brought the master of the song's original session, and just kind of tweaked it and added the instrumentation to fit around her. It was very organic. She would hum melodies, I would come up with some words, she would come up with some words, I would come up with a melody. That was the core of it over the course of a night or two. It was just us [in the studio].

    Cam’ron didn’t get on till much, much later. He did his part at Battery Studios [in New York]. I think he was re-negotiating a deal with Def Jam, and he was holding off on this record to make sure he got his money straight. I was kind of middle-manning [the meeting between him and Mariah], and he eventually went in and recorded at the 11th hour, sent me back the verse and that was pretty much it.

    My time in the studio [with Mariah] was great. We would just do these jam sessions and see what would come out of it. The record with her, myself, Freeway and Jay Z [called “You Got Me”] really just came from a jam session. With her, she doesn’t get presented the material -- she’s writing most of the stuff. She was very hands on from the beginning, almost reminiscent of working with a rapper to a certain degree. She was super creative and a night owl like me, so schedule-wise it worked out. I get up around 2, 3 in the afternoon and go till like 5 in the morning.

    Some artists, especially artists of that stature, you expect them to be divas or difficult to work with -- but in my experience with her and a lot of the other superstars that I’ve worked with, they end up being the easiest ones to work with because they are successful and secure. They’re not really out to prove anything to anybody, because they already won. This was just very, very easy and we ended up becoming great friends after that as well. - Billboard: April 12, 2016 “We Belong Together: Mariah Carey's Collaborators Share Untold Stories Behind 8 Classics” by Natalie Weiner and Adelle Platon



2001 Released on the Charmbracelet album.

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