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I Don't Wanna Cry

I Don't Wanna Cry


It was very important for me to keep my identity as a songwriter

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey & Narada Michael Walden
Produced by Narada Michael Walden


4:49     Album Version -  Listen on Apple Music


  • Maria José: Can you identify yourself with Salsa and the new invasion of Latin music?
    Mariah: I really like Spanish melodies. I think that songs like I Don’t Wanna Cry have a really strong Hispanic side. I have another song in this album, called After Tonight, written with Diane Warren, which is a type of Spanish ballad. I think that it’s great that Latin music is being embraced by the world. - Diário de Notícias “The Artist After Insecurity” November 23, 1999
  • “I Don’t Wanna Cry” was produced and co-written by Narada Michael Walden, who had already produced number one hits for Whitney Houston, Starship and Aretha Franklin and George Michael. The producer first heard about Mariah when he received a phone call from CBS Record Group president Tommy Mottola. “I promised when I was in New York, I would sit down and meet with her,” says Walden, “ and I did. She was very shy, and I asked her what she liked. She said she liked George Michael, so I got an idea of where she was coming from. Then we set up a day to actually go and write.”

    At this point, Narada had not heard Mariah’s vocals. “The first time I heard her sing was in a writing sessions at the Hit Factory, where we wrote some songs. After working on three or four songs, I wanted us to slow the tempo down. A big part of my raising as a kid are songs like (those recorded) by Chuck Jackson… ‘I Don’t Want to Cry,’ ‘Any Day Now,’ those kind of really dramatic ballads, or ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’ by Percy Sledge, those ‘crying’ kind of ballads. I kind of pulled it down from the sky and started singing this thing to her, and she got in to it.”

    “Mariah is very astute in the studio, very picky. I don’t mean to make it sound like a negative; for her, it’s a positive, because she knows she wants to hear herself sound a certain way. For example, there’s a lick on ‘I Don’t Wanna Cry’ that I was really happy with, and I think at first she was, too. But after she lived with it, she wanted us to fix it. I don’t even know if we fixed it twice or three times, but I had to fly the tape back to her in New York. She went in the studio, fixed that lick, and added other stuff onto it. I called her back and said, ‘Look, I used your new lick on that one thing because you like it, but the other stuff you’re adding on, you really don’t need.’ Then she gave in.”

    “I think a lot of that is what you experience when you’re making your first album. You gotta remember, Mariah was 19, 20 years old, making her first album. She really wanted it to be special." - 2003 Fred Bronson “The Billboard Book of Number 1 Hits” Page 788
  • “This song was my first collaboration with Narada Michael Walden. The label was very excited for me to work with him because of his collaborations with hugely successful vocalists. We wrote ‘I Don’t Wanna Cry” together and it was very important for me to keep my identity as a songwriter. I was very grateful to him for the work we did together.” - #1 to Infinity liner notes, 2015



1990 Released on the Mariah Carey album.  Listen on Apple Music
1998 Included on the #1s compilation album.
2001 Included on the Greatest Hits compilation album.
2009 Included on the The Ballads/Love Songs compilation album.
2015 Included on the #1 to Infinity compilation album.

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