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Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life


I also have a lot of guest artists that really make it hot [and contemporary]

- Mariah Carey

Written by Michael Cleveland
Produced by Mariah Carey & DJ Clue
Cover of “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” by InDeep


6:43     Album Version featuring Busta Rhymes, Fabulous & DJ Clue


  • One of the other "crazy party jams" on the album is a cover of Indeep's early-'80s club classic "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life," which also has a touch of rock guitar. The dreamy disco anthem was produced by New York's DJ Clue and has guest vocals from underground rapper Fabolous and another major rap star Mariah is not ready to reveal just yet. But don't think the whole album is a period piece, she warned. "The uptempo [songs] are aggressive and hot and represent that spirit of the '80s. But I also have a lot of guest artists that really make it hot [and contemporary]," she said. - MTV News “Mariah Carey Gets ‘Glitter’ In Her Eyes” by Gil Kauman May 18, 2001

  • In the movie you don't hear me and Mystikal or Fabulous and Clue and Busta because it takes place in 1982. What I tried to do is for the album, make it '82 meets 2002. - British Radio Interview July 16, 2001

  • As she said in June, the album captures the musical feel of the movie's 1982 setting. "There are songs that are definitely going to take people back and make them go, 'Oh, man, this song from the '80s — I loved it growing up,' " she said. "Or people who never heard the songs before might be like, 'This is cool.'

    "When you see the movie, you're gonna see the uptempo songs and the songs that are remakes in there as they would have sounded in the '80s," she continued. "But the album is the way that I would make the record now, and the ballads can stand on their own as songs from a Mariah Carey album.”

    Busta and Fab join in on the DJ Clue and Duro-produced cover of "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life." Clue, who refers to Carey as "Wilma M. Holla" (Clue goes by the alias William M. Holla), provides a grittier bassline than the original; Fab rhymes, and Busta, who ad libs throughout, tells Mariah to lay the "smackdown" on listeners. - MTV “Mariah Carey’s ‘Glitter’ Kicks It ‘80s Style” by Shaheem Reid. September 7, 2001




2001 Released on the Glitter soundtrack. Listen on Apple Music



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