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Side Effects

Side Effects


I wrote it because it was necessary for me to write it

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey, Jay “Young Jeezy” Jenkins, Crystal Johnson & Scott Storch
Produced by Mariah Carey & Scott Storch


4:22     Album Version featuring Young Jeezy - Listen on Apple Music
5:10     Remix featuring Busta Rhymes


  • I think when you're given a musical gift, it's almost on another level because people feel music deeper than most things they feel. And that's my testimony as a human being who's gotten through some of the worst times. A song like Side Effects goes out to somebody who needs to feel cleansed of an abusive relationship. They're gonna hear it and hopefully be healed. I remember singing songs at the top of my lungs, growing up, because I needed to. Y'know? It's healing.” - Seven (UK) Issue: March 16, 2008 “Wake up and smell the perfume” by Sylvia Patterson

  • 'I wrote it because it was necessary for me to write it,' Mariah said of her most personal, and angriest, song to date. Fans might be surprised at her references to 'the hell that we built' and the 'violent times,' but Mariah thinks this song is for 'anyone who’s been in an abusive relationship.' 'You know what? I’ve been through too much at this point,' she said. 'I want happiness and I want pure and real love, but the side effects of what other relationships have put me through cause me to be kind of on the defensive a lot of the time. And if somebody isn’t mature or caring and loving and open-hearted enough to understand that, then it’s tough, but this is a song for people who need that.' Mariah hopes that this song helps people feel 'a little bit stronger.’ - MTV April 11, 2008 “MARIAH CAREY LEADS A TRACK-BY-TRACK TOUR OF E=MC2, WHICH SHE CALLS '100 PERCENT OF ME’ by Jennifer Vineyard



2008 Released on the E=MC2 album. Listen on Apple Music



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