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The Beautiful Ones

The Beautiful Ones


The song was the closest to where I'm at in this stage in my life

Mariah Carey

Written by Prince
Produced by Mariah Carey & Cory Rooney
Cover of “The Beautiful Ones” by Prince


7:00     Album Version featuring Dru Hill


  • "The Beautiful Ones" is my favorite Prince song ever. It makes me think over growing up (in Long Island), when the "Purple Rain" soundtrack was so big. I used to sit at home and think about this kid, Matt who I was in love with and cry listening to "The Beautiful Ones." It's really the only remake that I've done thats from that period - teenage years. It works well because Sisqo from Dru Hill who sings the first verse has that gruff, masculine sound and I'm doing a lot of airy stuff, so the contrast works and Devante (from Jodeci) produced [ed. Devante didn’t produce the record, he programmed it, per Cory Rooney] it which gave it another element.” -Blues & Soul (UK) Issue: September 23, 1997 “Butterfly kisses,,, or in bed with Mariah!” by Jeff Lorez

  • "The Beautiful Ones" is my favorite Prince song ever. I've been toying with the idea of doing a Prince song for a long time. The song was the closest to where I'm at in this stage in my life. - TV Hits (Australian Magazine) October 1997

  • SOREN: Were you a huge "Purple Rain" fan when you were younger?
    CAREY: Yes. My friends and I went to see "Purple Rain” oh, numerous times.
    SOREN: I think I wore a lot of bad fashion during that period. How about you?
    CAREY: A lot of people wanted to be Prince in my school, you know.
    - MTV UNPLUGGED Interview with Tabitha Soren 1997


1997 Released on the Butterfly album.

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