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My All

My All


The words hold great meaning to me

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff
Produced by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff

My All/Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix)samples “Stay A Little While, Child” by Loose Ends


3:52     Album Version
4:39     Full Crew Main Mix featuring W.L. Wolfgang & Rickardo 'The Dreadlocked Lyricist’
4:40     Full Crew Main Mix Instrumental
4:39     Full Crew Main Mix without rap
3:58     Full Crew Radio Mix
5:21     Live at Pavarotti & Friends for the Children of Guatemala & Kosovo
:45     Live at VH1 Divas Live 1998
7:08     Morales “My” Instrumental
3:27     Morales “Def” Radio Mix
7:17     Morales “Def” Club Mix
7:10     Morales “My” Club Mix” 
9:17     Morales Classic Club Mix
4:21     Morales Classic Radio Mix
3:49     Mi Todo (Spanish Version)
7:03     Mi Todo (Por Una Noche Mas En Los Clubs)
3:24     Mi Todo (Por Una Noche Mas Instrumental)
3:24     Mi Todo (Por Una Noche Mas Version)
4:30     Mi Todo (Version Mi Fiesta)
4:45     My All/Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix featuring Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz)
4:39     My All/Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix Instrumental)


  • “There's so much more of me that's gone into this album - more than any other record I've done. It's very personal, I wrote "My All" after I came back from Puerto Rico and I guess I was in that whole Spanish vibe... it's got a Latin feel to it.” - TV Hits (Australian Magazine) October 1997

  • We settle down to our conversation and Mariah immediately reverses the roles asking me what I thought of her newie — "My All" released in the UK on May 18? Aghast, I reply with non-committal affirmation of its qualities. "Well, a lot of people have said that it's their favorite song on the album so that means a lot to us [Mariah and Walter Afanasieff]. I really love the song, the words hold great meaning to me..." I mention the fact that it seems to crystallize, in one single, what she has achieved musically in that the original is a classically 'Mariah' drop-dead-slowie and the new versions, courtesy of the ubiquitous Morales, are ostensibly club tracks."I love both versions because they each provide the song with its own character..." enthuses Mariah before she embarks upon an unprompted statement that smacks her personal catharsis. - Blues & Soul (UK) Issue: May 26, 1998 “High Life!” by Jon-Andre Holley

  • One of the last tracks produced by [Walter] Afanasieff for Carey was “My All.” Carey recalls, “I had gone to Puerto Rico and was influenced by the Latin music at that moment. When I came back, the melody was in my head. It was at a melancholy point in my life and the song reflects the yearning that was going on in me. It was like being in a situation but you want to break free and you can’t, so you’re confined yet you’re releasing those emotions through the lyrics and the actual act of singing. That’s why I think a lot of people felt very strongly about that song, because the emotion is clear when you listen to it.”

    Although Carey ultimately recorded “My All” in Afanasieff’s San Francisco studio, they wrote the song in the studio in Carey’s mansion in upstate New York. “It was one of the finest studios I’ve ever seen in anyone’s home,” says Afanasieff. “It’s no longer there. I remember being in the back part of the studio where my keyboards were set up and we were sitting there late at night, writing. There was a new keyboard that had come out, the Trinity, and I was strolling through some sounds and came upon a particular sound from a steel acoustic guitar. I played these really beautiful chord changes that eventually led to “My All.” She started singing and I started playing and we came up with the basis of the song. I put a little drum groove down and it was one of the easier songs to write with her.”

    The Spanish guitar sound on “My All” tapped into Carey and Afanasieff’s roots, although Carey doesn't remember listening to a lot of Latin music when she was growing up. “I didn’t spend much time with my paternal grandfather, who is the one who has Spanish in him, but I’m sure when I went to Queens to visit him, I would hear that music and subconsciously it was in me.” Afanasieff was born in Brazil, but comes from a Russian background. “Hearing Russian music and Latin and Brazilian music my whole life, I went into an old-fashioned sort of Russian, Latin-Spanish chord progression melody, which was hardly being done.” - 2003 Fred Bronson, The Billboard Book of Number One Hits, Page 868

  • “‘My All’ is one of the more passionate songs in my catalog. I really love singing it!! It takes me back to a really specific moment in my life where I fell in love with love.” - #1 to Infinity liner notes, 2015




1997 Released on the Butterfly album.
1998 Included on the #1s compilation.
2000 Included on the Valentines compilation.
2001 Included on the Greatest Hits compilation.
2003 “Morales ‘My’ Club Mix” and “My All/Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix)” included on The Remixes compilation.
2009 Included on the The Ballads/Love Songs compilation.
2011 Included on The Essential Mariah Carey compilation.
2015 Included on the #1 to Infinity compilation.


LYRICS - Album Version

LYRICS - So So Def Remix

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