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Mine Again

Mine Again


It's one of those break your heart songs

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey & James Poyser
Produced by Mariah Carey & James Poyser


4:02     Album Version


  • "Mine Again" is a song that I wrote with James Poyser who is from The Roots and he's an incredible musician. He's just a really good person. We sat down at the piano the first time we met and he just started playing. He's one of those musicians where you can go back and forth and riff off eachother. I was singing him what ended up being the main piano riff of the song and he's so talented that he can just pick that up in two seconds and he would lead me in one direction, I would lead him in another direction and we came up with the song that I feel is definitely the power ballad of this record and I feel like it's going to be a lot of people's favorites because it's a very big vocal moment and big vocal performance. It's one of those break your heart songs that makes you get back with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. - AOL Music Commentary, April 22, 2005

  • But "Mine Again" the track that I wrote with James Poyser... you know about his work with Jill Scott and The Roots? (Mats Almegård: Yes.) Good, we did it old school. We sat by the piano and he played the keys in which I sang. He’s so skilled that he can pull it off fast. He has his roots in church music and jazz which really are my styles. And hip-hop and R’n’B of course. I’ve written alot of songs on the piano by myself, songs like "Vision of Love" and "All I Want For Christmas Is You" which I wrote by using a small Casio-keyboard. - Groove (Swedish Magazine – translated article) Mats Almegård, August 25, 2005

  • “Okay well, Mine Again is a song that I wrote with James Poyser from, who who does, he’s with the Roots and he does just a lot of great production, he’s an incredible musician – and we wrote it at the piano – just sitting at the piano in the studio one day. And I took it and finished the lyrics at this place I was writing in Anguilla that I was talking about before, and then came back and recorded it with a live band and just did… just sang along as they were doing their different takes. Randy Jackson, of American idol, was there kind of musically directing stuff, you know, ‘cause he’s been doing that for me for years and it was really… it’s just a very kind like, it’s a really pure, back to basics record, you know - very vocal performance driven, but it’s very heartfelt, and it’s not overproduced and that’s why I like it.” - “Ask Mariah”



2005 Released on The Emancipation of Mimi album. 

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