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Right To Dream

Right To Dream


I just began channeling [my character's] pain and hope

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey & Willie Nelson


5:15     Album Version


  • Willie Nelson teams with Mariah Carey for ''I've Got a Right to Dream,'' a song for the movie ''Tennessee''  ''She and I hung out and decided to do something together,'' 74-year-old Nelson told us on his tour bus, following a press conference announcing the launch of his new label, Pedernales Records, and its first signing, the promising jam-band 40 Points, which features his sons Lucas and Micah. ''It's a song called 'I've Got a Right to Dream' that's for the movie [Tennessee]. It's [Carey's] complete idea and melody. I threw a few words at her, but she made everything sound great.’' According to Nelson, Carey was recording in Nashville as of last week, and shooting for Tennessee is completed, though no release date has been set. But don't expect Carey to ditch her trademark stilettos for cowboy boots just yet. ''It's not really [country],'' says Wilson. ''It's more Mariah.'' We wouldn't have it any other way. - Entertainment Weekly “Willie Helps Make Mariah's 'Dream' Come True” by Shirley Halperin, March 21, 2007
  • Carey explains: "It was a different experience from an album project. I was very close to the story and in particular my character's struggle, so it made it easier for me as a writer. I just began channeling Krystal's pain and hope." Between takes and guitar lessons on the set, Carey's humming and diary entries evolved into the Spanish-guitar-accented ballad that she sings during the film's competition scene. In the recorded version of the single, Carey leaned on Willie Nelson to play guitar. "The song is basically a three-act play and chronicles the evolution of Krystal," says Carey. “ - Variety “For a Song: Mariah Carey” November 18th, 2008
  • "I was humming different melodies while I was on the set and stuff," Carey told Pop & Hiss. "I was just thinking that Willie Nelson would be somebody fabulous to collaborate with. I reached out to him and we met after one of his concerts, and he did some guitar for me. "I went to his concert with my mom," Carey continued. "She’s a huge fan of his. We watched his show, and went back to the trailer afterward, and had a nice long talk about writing and the style of the record I was going for. It’s so heavily guitar-driven, and I was just thinking his sound would enhance the record.” The song, says Carey, is from the perspective of her "Tennessee" character Krystal, an aspiring singer. "The song has its own arc," Carey said. "She begins by telling us where she started, like she lays in bed and wonders where she left herself. A lot of people go through that sort of thing. It’s kind of about empowerment.” - Los Angeles Times Music Blog, “Mariah Carey enters Oscar race” by Todd Martens, November 25th, 2008



2008 Released on the Tennessee soundtrack.

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