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Subtle Invitation

Subtle Invitation


It's like one of those live instrumentation songs

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey, Marcus “7 Aurelius” Vest, Randy Jackson, Kenneth Crouch, Lloyd Smith & Rob Bacon
Produced by Mariah Carey & Marcus “7 Aurelius” Vest


4:27     Album Version
4:17     Live at the Pearl Palms Concert Theatre (Unofficial Release)


  • More uplifting are two of Carey’s favorites: “Subtle Invitation,” with it’s smooth swing-jazz inflections, and the gospel-flavored “My Saving Grace.” ”These are songs that just brought me such joy to sing," she says. "They're not punched in a million times. It's just me in front of the mike, performing from the heart."

  • “She’s a real thinker as far as the way she approaches the lyrics and the music,” says 7 Aurelius, who produced ‘Subtle Invitation.”

    • VIBE March 2003 – Lola Ogunnaike

  • Carson Daly: You're re-releasing Charmbracelet this summer. I heard one track that you did with Da Brat. What else is different that's on there?

    Mariah: Well the new addition to the album has some things that were not released from the original like, a song called "There Goes My Heart" with 7 Aurelius, the producer, who also did "Subtle Invitation", another song from this album. We did it in the Bahamas and it's like one of those live instrumentation songs and it's kind of like a feel good R&B record then we have the song I did with Da Brat and Elephant Man, who is a reggae artist, and it's called "Got A Thing For You" and I love it. Then I did a remix of "The One" with Jermaine Dupri and Bone Crusher. That was a fun thing to do and then we have "I Know What You Want" with me and Busta. So, they're getting a lot of big bang for the buck.



2002 Released on the Charmbracelet album.

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Lil Snowman