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We're Not Makin' Love Anymore

We're Not Makin' Love Anymore


One of the truly drop-dead-in-your-tracks experiences for a lot of people

- Don Ienner

Written by Michael Bolton & Diane Warren
Cover of “We’re Not Makin’ Love Anymore” by Barbra Streisand


0:00 No studio recording was ever made
5:18 Live performance with Michael Bolton at the 1990 NARM Convention LEAKED


  • CH: You sang with Mariah Carey, before she was a star, so tell us that story.

    MB: So, I had been having success with the label and the head of our record company, of Columbia Records, was Tommy Mottola. Tommy discovered Mariah, and I was performing at this NARM convention, music convention, and Tommy said, “Michael can you do me a favor, I’d like to have people hear Mariah for the first time at this event. Can you do a song with her?” I said, “Of course, she’s amazing.” Nobody knew who she was quite yet, but I had heard her voice. And we did a song I wrote, “We’re Not Makin’ Love Anymore,” a song I wrote for Barbra Streisand. Patti Labelle and I recorded it together, which is amazing. And we didn’t record it. Somebody found the audio track from that live performance from many, many years ago. So people ask me a lot, you know, “What was that track you recorded with Mariah?” It was just one time. But we’re… I see her at all kinds of events all around the world.

    CH: You’re like, “Look at Mariah now!  Go girl!”

    MB: She was like twelve in that picture, just an amazing talent - I love her voice.


  • We already mentioned Michael Bolton, Harry Connick Jr. and Regina Belle, three distinct personalities and approaches. I’d like to add the name of a brand new artists here: Mariah Carey, whose astonishing voice and songwriting depth are making waves with those who’ve been lucky enough to hear her early material.

    Mariah’s duet with Michael Bolton at this year’s NARM convention was one of the truly drop-dead-in-your-tracks experiences for a lot of people who thought they’d seen and heard everything. She is already the subjects of a truly committed artist development program, the backbone of every successful artists’s story at Columbia.

    • Columbia Records “Taking the Big Step Forward” by Don Ienner

  • Discovered: It is highlight unusual that a snippet of music by an unknown artist in a product presentation will evoke a response from the music-inundated NARM crowd, but a brief preview of new Columbia artist Mariah Carey during the CBS Records presentation did evoke applause. And, for more impact, the label had her join Michael Bolton for a duet during his set at the NARM Scholarship Dinner. It’s safe to say that merchandisers will be eager to see how the teenaged singer with the larger-than-life voice will fare when her debit album hits the streets May 22.

    • Billboard “Retail Track” by Geoff Mayfield, March 24, 1990




1990 Performed live with Michael Bolton at the 32nd Annual NARM Convention’s NARM Scholarship Dinner, March 11, 1990
1991 Michael Bolton released a version featuring Patti Labelle on his Time, Love & Tenderness album


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