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You're Mine (Eternal)

You're Mine (Eternal)


If you muted the vocals, it’s like a rapper could be on top of it

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey & Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins
Produced by Mariah Carey & Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins


3:43     Album Version
4:16     Remix ft Trey Songz
5:24     JD and Kurd Maverick Extended Mix
3:27     JD and Kurd Maverick Radio Edit
4:06     Jump Smokers Extended Mix
3:38     Jump Smokers Radio Edit
4:22     Chus & Ceballos Remix Edit
7:01     Chus & Ceballos Remix
3:17     Fedde Le Grand Remix Edit
5:39     Fedde Le Grand Remix
4:34     Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Remix
3:39     Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Remix Edit
4:04     Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Instrumental


  • I’m hoping this will be an anthem for Valentine’s Day, kinda like We Belong Together would be someone’s anthem.

  • Q: Now we got a special guest on the line - Trey, you there? We have Trey Songz on the line! What up Trey?

    TS: Yo! What’s happening? Good morning, y’all.

    Q: We’re here with Mariah Carey, we were just talking about how ratchet she really is behind the scenes.

    MC: Uh uh, Trey doesn’t think that of moi! Right Trey?

    Q: Trey, Mariah said that you are model material.

    MC: Of course he is!

    TS: Well, thank you.

    MC: You look really good in the video I have to say, it’s not edited yet and they're going to show it to you for approval - they’re going to show it to you for approval today, I’m sure.

    Q: Nick Cannon is not happy about it, Trey.

    MC: Nick Cannon has not seen it, Trey, and he knows that you’re in the video…

    TS: Nick came through when I was shooting the video and everything was love.

    Q: Yes he did! I bet he did! You put your shirt back on, Trey! I bet he stayed there for the whole video. Trey has a reputation, ok. He’ll take you’re chick in a minute!

    TS: I definitely had my shirt off when he came through to holla, it was cool though

    Q: Now, how was working with Mariah? Is she the biggest diva you work with?

    TS: This is actually the second time we worked together…

    MC: Exactly! I’m sorry…

    TS: It’s amazing.

    MC: They never released that single! Trey, that was very upsetting to me, because it leaked on the internet, but I really want to release that song, Inseparable, and we didn’t get a chance to really, like no one knows about it, so I think we need to do something special with it, what do you say?

    TS: Oh my god, you see when she talks to you like that, you just gotta say “yeah,” right? I ain’t even really hear the question…

    MC: This dude is so talented, that he took the record from, a record that I love, to a totally new place. And when you were leaving, and I know I was running after you, trying to telling you this, I don’t know if it translated well, I don’t know if it came through - you took it to the next level!

    TS: It definitely did! I’m happy to be on there record. I’m very much happy to share any musical space with you - a living icon. To be involved in your latest is such a blessing. Y’all gonna love the record, as always, it's another Mariah classic. And like I said, I’m happy to be a part of it.

  • LF: So when you started working on “You're Mine” with Rodney, the first thought that you put down yourself was what?

    MC: Well, we were sitting there and we were listening to different synth sounds, I mean it was just about like, ok, this is what I’m feeling. If this were a record for a rapper… I like to let people to feel free to say, we could treat this as though this could be a record for a rapper if you mute the vocals and background vocals and the thousand layers of background vocals that I put on there and the vocal extravaganza at the end of the record, dahling! But really, what was the first thing that came to me? I wanted it to feel like a love song, but like a long lost love song, and a lot of people that listen to this record don’t necessarily take that away. They take 'you're mine,' like ‘we're together’, you're mine, we’re together and it’s a happy song for them.

    LF: But when you see the video, you can see the yearning in the performance. You see the tension in the video performance.

    MC: Right, and then maybe you see the words more.

    LF: The visual element… See to me, the combination of the words and that very strong beat that comes in periodically, to me that says - that doesn't say “oh, we've been together this whole time,” it says, “Where you been? Sit up, ‘cause I’m here, I’m back.” That’s what it says to me, aAnd then I watch the video and I thought, “oh, there's this tension that she’s trying to communicate and you feel it in her, in the performance.” So, it comes together, it comes together.

    MC: I’m glad that you said that, because when I was talking to the collaborator on the video I said, “You know what the most important thing for me is to look into the eyes of the audience and let them know, “Hi, I'm talking to you, there's not like a gimmick in between us that’s separating me from you seeing me.” That’s why I tried to go… today I’ve got on  ten times more makeup than I had on the day of the video shoot…

    LF: You’re very fresh scrubbed Mariah in the video, and very naked.

    MC: Well, I wanted to see if they thought I was naked or not! What do they think of you? What do they know? What do they say? What do they know? So I was just like,  I just want people to feel this as, like, a canvas and create their own emotional response or feel their own, have their own emotional response to the song.

    LF: I feel like this record also is a line of communication that ‘you are a musician.’ Do not forget - ‘I might be famous, I might have done this, I might have done that, I might have been seen here, I might have been seen there, my husband is this, my children are that - yes, but, I’m a musician.’ So how do you, what do you hear in the back of your head that tells you when it's time to clear the decks and say, “I’m a musician”?

    MC: Well, it's kind of like, something that’s always here, and when people… I mean, I would never be like, ’How dare you not know that I write my own songs?’ or that I have this….

    LF: See that's the difference between us, I would!

    MC: I am very angry at times when people like, “Oh did you write this one? Wow!” I'm like “How many years will it take til people will actually look at me and say, ‘Oh yeah, she writes her own songs’. I mean, and that’s interesting, that’s very interesting to me, because if I didn’t, I don’t think I could have had this kind of longevity in this business because when you're not connected to what you’re releasing to the public, why should they feel connected to you?

  • MC: We were in the rainforest, and had I scouted the location… I wish I had scouted… I knew where I wanted to be.  That's the same [place], maybe a few minutes down the road, for where we shot the video for ‘Honey,’ if I may harken… and I love it but I wanted to highlight that we were in the rainforest because it's just something we don't see everyday. So yeah, and here we are.

    SC: And Trey Songz is a happy camper right now. 

    MC: Trey Songz! Listen, the video where it’s his version, I love what he did with the song because I felt like he gave us a lot of different moments, just like, artistically because he's singing the hook, in his, “You made me feel,” like the low register, which if, I mean, I could sing that that way too, but then they’d say, ‘why isn’t she singing it loud?’ So the fact that we merge it together was giving me that moment. And then when he’s giving us sort of like Future meets like — people won't know that reference -- maybe Krayzie Bone…

    I just wanted to express about Trey Songz that most people can’t sing, rap and have a sound that's current, yet also classic, you know?

    • MTV First with Sway Calloway, Part 3, February 12, 2014

  • MC: For me,’pop’ is not a genre. ‘Pop’ is what's popular at the moment, and it’s fickle. And you know, if hip hop is the big thing, then everything is hip hop. But if everything is techno, then that's what people are going to hear on pop radio. But, I always, for me, it’s always, you have to keep the essence of who you are as an artist, even though for me, this record has elements of what’s working… Rodney Jerkins and I wrote this record, this song.

    SC: On this particular song, that’s Rodney Jerkins?

    MC: Yeah, yeah. And we were on the same page - we wanted to make a modern classic that made you have an emotional response, and yet was still was something that could play on radio now. Because I still heart radio, I love radio. I love MTV, I love traveling the world, darling, citizen of the world!

    • MTV First with Sway Calloway, Part 5, February 12, 2014

  • This song, this is very… for me “You’re Mine (Eternal),” I just wanted to give people, even if they’re not with their valentine, or if they are with their valentine, you can take the lyrics any type of a way. A good way, or a way that makes you feel comfortable with or makes you feel like, “I miss that special someone” and "Why are they so stupid? Where are they? Where are they now?”

  • SC: What inspired you to write [You’re Mine (Eternal)]?

    MC: Well, as I was saying, Rodney Jerkins, who I’m a huge fan of his work - some of my favorite songs are Rodney Jerkins records - and I’m a fan of his family, his wife, his kids - everybody! We love the Jerkins.

    SC: His sister…

    MC: Yes, yes, everybody. And so, we got together, we were just on the same page in terms of just how this record should feel musically, and it was ironic because I had not asked him, ‘oh, can we do something like this?” He got there and was like, “I think we should use this type of synth,” I was like, ‘I’m with you.’ We were really on the same page, and it is a really simplistic melody during the verses and I felt it should be that way as well. And I didn't want to go off on a tangent because some people can’t embrace that yet, they’re not ready for those moments and then some people only want that from me. So with this album, not to cut past the single because for me the single is everything at this moment, like I want people to hear both versions ‘cause I love the remix. I think what Trey Songz brought to the record, I couldn’t have asked for more.Like, he gave three different feelings to the record. You almost feel like a Future record might be playing, then you’re like, wait, someone is actually really singing and giving you like that moment, and then giving you that relaxed chorus and that hook that’s just very easy to listen to and it doesn’t require too much. But I feel like the most important thing was the emotion. I think you said to me... What was it you said to me? “Suffer dreams all through the night,” because you know it’s real though.

    • MTV First with Sway Calloway, Part 8, February 12, 2014

  • MC: This song is just kind like a, I don’t know, one of this things, you think of ‘Vision Of Love’ would give you very Valentines Day, ‘My All,’ ’We Belong Together,’ those types of things, even ‘Touch My Body’ depending on the mood, darling…

    Q: That’s the after party!

    MC: Well, people play these songs! They’re always telling me like, ‘This was my wedding song,’ ‘This is the song we met on Valentine's Day.’

    … We wanted to make it like a modern sounding record, yet a ballad, and hopefully people will feel that it’s, there is a connection to Valentine’s Day, but that’s just sort of for the nostalgia. Hopefully it’s more Eternal.

    Q: Well, the timing worked out! It is love week, officially, all week. How long has this song been in the works, 'You’re Mine’?

    MC: Honestly, this is the first song, one of the first songs I wrote for this album. It was always one of my favorites, but it evolved, and then there’s the remix with Trey Songz, which is now, I think, steadily becoming my favorite version, yeah. Really just happened to be.

    Q: The inspiration behind 'You’re Mine’ - is it Nick, dem babies, who is it?

    MC: I don’t, It’s not always one inspiration behind it. Honestly, I wrote the song with Rodney Jerkins, we got together, and we were both on the same page in terms of musically, so we just decided ‘let’s go with what we’re feeling’ and it’s just this very simplistic melody.

    Speaking of dem babies, they are two and half and they sing this song already. I’m like, ‘Hey, take the test!’ At two years old, they know! You know what I mean? So it’s simplistic and I tried to keep it so people could, a lot of times people get a little bit, ‘there’s too much singing’ with me. It’s like you don’t know what they want, it’s like, ‘Oh, why isn't she singing from top to bottom, a trillion high notes everywhere?’ And then when you do that they can't follow it, so the can and it’s too much, I don’t know… Oh so, I’m like, you know what, this was my gut instinct to write from this place where it was like, a very simplistic track, yet the track could also be a record that was like, if you muted the vocals, it’s like a rapper could be on top of it. But people don’t dissect records that way, only I do as a writer, producer, performer and artiste.

  • MC: I would say it was a directorial collaborative effort, and yeah, it was interesting. But we went to the rainforest and that was amazing and part of the reason I wanted to go there was, first of all, I love Puerto Rico - one of my favorite places ever and I did my favorite video of mine, one of my favorite videos, Honey, was filmed in Puerto Rico at the El Conquistador Hotel. So we went back there and there is a rain forest on the premises and all around the area, so I highly recommend that people go there. And I just think it was kind of like having fun and then we sort of, we had another moment, where, for the remix Trey Songz is prominently featured, and that’s ready to be coming now - pretty soon people are going to see that - it's exciting!

    It wasn’t like I read it, it was kind of like it was my concept and I told it to this girl, Indrani, who’s a director, she said she’d been working in Africa and in Costa Rica and working in the rain forest, and I was like, ‘hey, I guess she can do that, that’s great!’ I was kind of involved every step of the way. I’m stll not 100%, like, ‘Wow! it’s perfect!,’ but I think, you know, I went to the rainforest, I got to go to Puerto Rico, I sang three new songs and I like a lot of the shots in the video a lot. There was a moment where I had to do an additional underwater sequence with no director, but myself and the camera man on an underwater camera. I was looking at the take at 5 in the morning, they were ready to kill me. But if we didn't have those shots there wouldn’t really be anything to cut away to, except me.




2014 Released on the Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse album. 



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