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Everything Fades Away

Everything Fades Away


There was this chord progression we always liked to remind ourselves of

- Walter Afanasieff

Written by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff
Produced by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff


5:28     Album Version


  • Walter Afanasieff: “We kind of did a song on every album that had a similarity to each other and it was a little wave that her and I caught on the first real big project we worked on together, which was the album Emotions. There was this chord progression we always liked to remind ourselves of. It was one of those times where we ended up writing a song that really was just a very comfortable place that we would always go into. It was something that naturally came out. There were a couple of songs that we ended up with. My favorite song from the Music Box album wasn’t on the US version, but it was on the international version of the album it was “Everything Fades Away.” It kind of broke my heart to be honest.

    “Record companies always have their rules. They always feel like there’s too many songs on an album or not enough songs on an album or not enough of this kind of song on an album. It’s usually a decision made by a corporate mind and they’re usually wrong. “Everything Fades Away” one was of the favorites that many Europeans always say and I had wished it went on the American release. Because it didn’t make the American release we put the other song ‘All I’ve Ever Wanted’ on the album. It’s in that area of where it was a ballad type of song and it was really comfortable for us.”


1993 Released as a b-side on the Hero single.  
1993 Released on international editions of the Music Box album.

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