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Always In Love

Always In Love


It's almost harder to [produce] the ones I wrote

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey, Trey Lorenz & Walter Afanasieff

Background Vocals: Mariah Carey


5:16     Album Version


  • MC: "But we also were involved in the preparation for "Unplugged," and people kept saying to do an oldie. Two nights before the actual show I decided on "I'll Be There" and said, "Trey, why don't you sing the male part?" We had no plans to release the show on record when we originally did it, so the decision to put the song out as a single was a total fluke. Eventually, we decided we should get going on his album, and we wrote two songs, the second being 'Always In Love.'"

  • Carey and Afanasieff were in the midst of writing material for her new album when "Unplugged" bulleted up the charts. "Trey came over and it became a Trey writing session instead," Carey says. "We just made the time to go in and do it. So many people had noticed Trey from "I'll Be There" and we wanted people to remember him from that and have that excitement.”

    Knowledge gained from the "Unplugged" experience made her a better producer, she says. She also learned a lot while in the studio."'Unplugged' taught me a lot about myself because I tend to nit pick everything I do and make it a little too perfect because I'm a perfectionist. I also learned a lot from working with Trey because when you're working with another singer and the singer's going, 'Oh, I hate that, that sounds horrible' and you're going, 'No it's great,' that's what everyone always does to me. I'll always go over the real raw stuff and now I've gotten to the point where I understand that the raw stuff is usually better.”

    That understanding shows on the six-pack of songs Carey produced. The tunes are polished and radio-friendly without being too slick or formulaic. The arrangements, which Carey also oversaw in most cases, range from lean and restrained on "How Can I Say Goodbye" to lush and layered on a remake of the Commodores' "Just To Be Close To You.”

    There is a cohesion to the tracks that belies the fact that Carey and Afanasieff were often producing 3,000 miles apart. "Walter would start the tracks out in San Francisco and he would the send the rough skeleton of the track out to me," Carey says"in N.Y. "I would put on all the backgrounds and leads with Trey. Walter came in at the end and we did more overdubs and things together.”

    Surprisingly, the toughest tracks for Carey to produce were the two she had co-written. "It's almost harder to do the ones I wrote because I'm sort of writing them as we go along. When you don't have a demo to refer to and you're doing the track, it's like, 'What am I going to sing on this line and how should the background go on this one?,' as opposed to when someone else has already written it and you just do it.”

    Because both Carey and Lorenz are singers, Carey says they could communicate on more levels than just producer and artist. "When you're a singer and someone is producing you who's not, they don't (always) understand when you want to do things a few times or when you want to try things out a different way. The producer should really make sure they are creating a great vibe and environment for the artist. You just have to reassure them and let them know that you understand how it feels. So I think if anything qualifies me to produce, it's that. I'm coming from that singing point of view.”

    For Carey, vocal arranging and singing background were the best parts of producing. "I love singing background vocals; that's my favorite thing," she says. "I love doing them by myself, but it's also fun singing with a group. Both Trey and I love R&B singing and gospel vocal arrangements. It was basically an unspoken thing where we just made the vocal arrangements a really dominant part of the music.”

  • “Mariah cowrote two of the songs ["Always In Love" & “Someone To Hold”], which proved to be the most difficult for her to produce. “I’m sort of writing them as we go along,” she said. “When you don’t have a demo to refer to and you’re doing the track, it’s like, ‘What am I going to sing on this line and how should the background go on this one?’ as opposed to when someone has already written it and you just do it.”… “Mariah took a great deal of pride in her protégé’s acceptance by the record-buying public. “I’m trying not to talk too much and let the music speak for itself, but I think people are ready to hear him.” 

    • “Mariah Carey Revisited” by Chris Nickson, 2011


1992 Released on Trey Lorenz’s self-titled debut album


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