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Oh Santa!

That could be some type of cute rhythmic approach to what this song could be

- Mariah Carey

Written by Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri & Bryan-Michael Cox
Produced by Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri & Bryan-Michael Cox


3:31     Album Version
3:32     Radio Edit
3:53     Jump Smokers Edit
4:08     Jump Smokers Extended
3:52     Jump Smokers Instrumental
4:09     Low Sunday Edit
6:16     Low Sunday Club
6:18     Low Sunday Instrumental
4:41     Jump Smokers “Oh Santa!/All I Want For Christmas Is You” Mash-Up Remix


  • MC: I do listen to my own songs, this year I will be listening to my new album [Merry Christmas To You]. I’m very critical of myself and I don’t always like to listen to every song, but I definitely listen to “All I Want For Christmas” and “Silent Night” and the songs from my first Christmas album and this year, I just have a feeling that ”Oh Santa!” is gonna to be on repeat right along with “All I Want For Christmas,” which I also did on this new album. It’s pretty much just exactly the same, but there are just certain parts that are like, “oh wow, that’s cool.”

    When I sit down at a piano, um, it’s really weird, but I usually come up with something, but I am not, I don’t consider myself a pianist at all. I almost don’t like to sit at a piano or a keyboard ‘cause I’ll start something and then go, “Oohhh, I need to go get a real piano player to come in here because I’m hearing a song and I don’t want to lose it or let it go.”

    When I did write “All I Want For Christmas,” a long time ago, I was upstate New York in this little room by myself, there was, like, this little Casio or whatever keyboard and I just started playing the “ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding,” you know, and I mean anybody pretty much could play that, you know, I was just figuring it out. I started writing the words and I think it was around Christmas time when that was happening. My process now isn’t that dissimilar if I happen to be myself, near a keyboard and I start writing, like I said, something like that could happen.

    Actually, when I was writing “Oh Santa!,” it was more the beat that I was hearing, just I happened to be, this was months before I started working on the Christmas album, I just started like clapping, just going [claps]and thinking, “ok, that could be some type of cute rhythmic approach to what this song could be.”

    For me, “Oh Santa!” is the “All I Want For Christmas” of this record, and yet they’re different, completely different songs, completely different beats, you know, so I’m really glad that was able to come through and we also also did “Here Comes Santa Claus,” “Up On The Housetop,” it’s sort of like this medley with this new bridge that I wrote with Jermaine that’s sort of like a, and Bryan-Michael Cox, and it’s sort of like a 70s retro moment. So it’s like a soulful, fun, Christmas song, but it’s also very singalong, like a little kid can sing a long with it.

    • Merry Christmas 2 You DVD, 2010

  • MC: Obviously Jermaine and I have been working together since, my fans know, we’ve been working together since “Always Be My Baby,” and that was our first number one song together. And then, you know, our most recent number one was “We Belong Together” - it was the “Song of the Decade” in Billboard and we just found that out last year, so that was really cool.

    MC: We did two songs together and they both have a really retro feel in their own way but they’re just very soulful and cool and fun.

    JD: We got two new songs. We got one that’s like…

    MC: That’s a brand new composition.

    JD: That’s crazy, you gotta hear it… it’s a house party song,

    MC: I’m talking about “Oh Santa!” 

    JD: There’s a Christmas party song too! You play that at your house…

    MC: Would you like [sings] Santa, If you get this letter…

    JD: That’s what I’m sayin’, and you play this song here and her singing this,  you gonna play this at your house, Christmas, and you’re gonna dance, you’re gonna party, you’re gonna drink.

    • Merry Christmas 2 You DVD, 2010




2010 Released on the Merry Christmas 2 You album.


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