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Released November 16, 2018


  • Q: Who are you in the studio with at the moment?
    Producer Poo Bear:
    I’m in with Mariah Carey, so we’re about seven or eight records in.

  • “I’ve been working on my new album for a while. This is a labor of love and I’m really excited,” the superstar tells PEOPLE exclusively. “This is me at this moment in my life being able to express myself as a writer and a singer. I’m just really in a good place.”

    While her album will feel “current,” the singer insists she’s not trying to follow “anybody else’s trends.”

    “My fans just want to hear me express myself and speak from the heart and sing from the heart,” says Carey. “Some of the record is lighthearted and fun, and some [songs] I really went deep in terms of the lyrical content. There’s a nice cross-section of things.”

  • Ryan Seacrest: I think this is the fifteenth studio album coming.
    Mariah Carey: Fifteenth studio album, yeah I can’t believe it.
    RS: What can you, give us a little something about the album.
    MC: Darling, there’s many different textures, there’s lotsa things.
    RS: You were saying to me that there are some vulnerable songs and some, some sensitive moments on the album, can you tell us about that?
    MC: Well, I think it’s really going to be about the fans finding those moments and going, ok, well there’s certainly at least one song that people will be like, “ok this is her being very real with us” and giving just a glimpse, you know what I mean? And then there’s just fun songs, me being me, having fun. It’s like GTFO - none of it’s that serious.
    RS: GTFO - don’t ask!
    MC: None of it’s that serious, but it’s fun, you know what I mean? Why not enjoy what you’re doing, have a good time with it.

  • Ryan: We’re back with Mariah Carey, who’s new album is called “Caution.” So, give us a little background on why you decided to name it “Caution.”

    MC: Well, it was going to be called “Portrait” originally, which is another song from the album that’s more of like an introspective - it’s a really good song that I’m very proud of, and kind of like a very sad song, in a way, but it’s also one of those songs that will like help other people going through stuff, or whatever. I try to do that on, you know, various albums that I’ve had. But then I was like, you know, “It’s not fully representative of the whole album.” So the last song that I recorded in the Bahamas

    in the gorgeous studio called Albany with a hot tub and all this other kinda stuff, I highly recommend it. Anyway…

    Kelly: When we record our album, that’s where we’ll go.

    MC: When you guys, definitely go there, yes.

    Ryan: I’ll eat the water.

    MC: So I recorded this song there and it kinda had a tropical vibe to it, it’s got like a Spanish guitar, kinda, I did it with No I.D. and cowrote it with my friend Prince Charlez - it’s one of my favorites off the album. It was, “proceed with caution” is kinda like the message, so I just thought “Caution” was a cute name. We got creative with the caution tape and a lot of the fans had the caution tape and were like posting stuff with that, it was cute.


Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse

Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse